Have you been thinking about getting involved in online casino gambling but don't know which site to join? If you have, one factor that can help you make your decision is online casino bonuses and promotions. As a result of the large number of online casinos, many offer fantastic bonuses and promotions in order to draw new customers. Some sites offer no-deposit free betting money for new members, others offer loyalties bonuses to members that have played with them for a long time. Still other casino sites offer match bonuses. Match bonuses come in a range of sizes from 50% and up. A 100% match bonus is a standard bonus, however match casino bonuses can sometimes go up to 400%!

A 400% match casino bonus is a bonus the size of 400% of your deposit. Let's say you make a deposit of $10-your 400% match bonus comes out to $40 for a total deposit balance of $50. However, when you make a deposit with a 400% match bonus you will probably want to deposit more than $10, as to make the most of your money.

Match bonuses as large as 400% are rare, but they do occur. Usually they are available on your first deposit or limited offers. A limited match bonus offer may state that you can get a 400% match bonus on deposits up to $50. In this case you can deposit any amount up to $50 and get a 400% bonus. However, if you deposit $60 you will only receive the bonus on the first $50 and the remaining $10 will be deposited on its own, with no bonus. In these instances it is worthwhile to deposit the maximum amount because the bonus is so large.

Bonus money usually has certain restrictions on it, such as you cannot cash it out until you have played through it a number of times, placing a certain amount of bets using your bonus money. However, if you are a serious online casino player, bonuses and promotions can be a great way to make the most of your casino money!

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